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Our dedicated team of professionals designs, sets up, consults and optimises businesses for hotels, spas and health centres. We provide market research, strategic planning & branding, hotel / spa management, optimisation solutions and staff training. The scope of our services is flexible: whether your needs are short-term or long-term, we offer tailored services to help you run a more profitable business. The E77 company is committed to offering smarter and profitable spas, hotels, resorts and health centres. Our consultations are comprehensive, concepts are unique and implementation services are professional.
E77 hotel project development

Concept & launch

Put your worries aside! We are an experts in developing unique stories, conducting competition analysis and creating project budgets. With over 14 years of experience, we deliver results.


Whether you want individual consultancy on design solutions, need to identify your weak areas or want to revise your goals and vision, we will help you run a more profitable business.

Lending a hand

Our specialists from marketing professionals, doctors & architects to experts in training and recruitment are on hand to assist you with daily management challenges.

Special projects

Are your thinking of developing a special project or want to introduce a signature spa element, but are unsure where to start? Contact us today for an individual chat!
Road E77


Our road to E77

In 2002, the E77 started its business in the marketing and business development field. Our clients were well known international companies: Seat, Audi, Porsche.

Starting from 2006, new medical centres and luxury resorts have started to emerge in Lithuania and Eastern Europe. We were proud to have been able to lend a helping hand to SPA Vilnius Group (3 different centres), National SPA Association, a number of SPA Resorts and SPA hotels, as well as Lithuanian Medical Tourism Cluster.

Currently we are collaborating with many existent spas & hotels as well as future projects in many areas from branding, strategy & design to advertising campaigns & pricing. For more information on the projects we develop, see section PORTFOLIO.
E77 company


Connecting great ideas across the route

Project Development Company E77 was named after the north-south route, E 77, which forms a part of the European road system that unites nations surrounding the Baltic Sea with the central part of the continent. In the same way, for 15+ years our company have been turning around spas, medical centres and hotels along this route.

Since 2002, the E77 company has brought together a team of top specialists from different fields: from marketing professionals, physicians and architects, to management and recruitment professionals. With our long standing experience in the implementation of successful hotels and SPAs, we offer you all-inclusive solutions from one source.