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It's official: E77 shall lead SPA ideas for the Baltics

In the beginning of 2022, our company leader Egle Ruksenaite was announced the Ambassador of the World Spa Association of the Baltic States.

Since 2002, Eglė Rukšėnaitė started her business in the field of marketing and business development as E77 – a company, committed to offering smarter, more unique and more profitable SPA hotels, medical and health centers. In almost 20 years of operation, the spa and hotel project development company E77 has completed its portfolio with a large list of medical centers and luxury spa hotels, current and future projects.

We are proud to have joined the World Spa Association.

Find out about all our international ambassadors here.



We joined the Board of Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association

The general meeting of the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA) held on April elected a new board for the next four years, which was supplemented by 6 new, young professionals in their field of the hotel and restaurant market. Egle Ruksenaite also joined the Board.

In the beggining of the year, our company leader becomes the SPA Ambassador of World Spa Organization, representing the Baltic States. Together with these two associations will be pursued to integrate international experience in the Lithuanian wellness, hotel and restaurant market.

We also want to congratulate Evalda Šiškauskienė, who will continue as the President of LVRA.

The goals of joining the LVRA Board are to bring world experience, help integrate innovations and new trends in the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant market, contribute to the national classification of newly created Lithuanian hotels, which from our company's point of view needs to improve changing.

Kaunas University of Applied sciences


Prepared by: Kaunas University of Applied Sciences

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences releases the First graduates of Management of Health and Spa Services programme to the professional market!

In the middle of June, Eglė Rukšėnaitė, the founder of E77, had the honour of performing the role of a member of the final theses hearing commission. Despite the pandemic-ridden world, the wellness market is growing rapidly; health and well-being have become vital, whilst spa and wellness are no longer associated with relaxation or luxury, it is increasingly perceived as a necessity in today's world.

We may gladly declare that all 20 first-year graduates are highly motivated, with the right knowledge and desire to enter the wellness and SPA market. We kindly thank Kaunas University of Applied Sciences for its contribution to improving the quality of the Lithuanian Health Market.

In the photo - Aušra Liorančaitė - Šukienė - Lecturer of the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management; Ilona Kaubrienė - deputy director of company UAB “Draugystės Sanatorija”; Jūratė Dabravalskytė-Radzevičė - Lecturer of the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management; Eglė Rukšėnaitė - Founder of E77; Dr. Andrius Brusokas - Tourism and Leisure management leader.

Viešbutis Esė


Millennial SPA hotel in Birstonas

We waited for this and it happened. Starting from May, everybody is invited ot write their stories at the new spa hotel ESĖ (ESSAY).

Less contact, more privacy. Online self-check-in and smart technologies for getting into a room, remote pool occupancy monitoring will save time and ensure a safe stay with less contact, which is so important in today's world.

Modern space for visionary and passionate people, for families and social media guru. Write your own holiday essay: a showy interior and an inspiring environment both indoors and outdoors.

VOYA Organic Beauty. The only spa in Lithuania to offer professional and certified organic seaweed body care brand VOYA. The restorative and healing powers of seaweed to give you the skin of your dreams. What a perfect getaway.

The E77 project. The concept, the business plan, collaboration with the architects and interior gurus - lots of joy in the process for the whole E77's team. A job well done!

Start your own essay at: esehotel.lt.

E77 naujiena HMI žurnale


Lithuanian spas in the spotlight

How the coronavirus pandemic has led to the "super-acceleration" of digital wellness initiatives in hotels? Not that long ago, in wellness world technology was viewed as a danger and deemed a conqueror, while wellness was thought to be all about human connection, direct contact and naturalness.

Egle Ruksenaite, together with Emlyn Brown from Accor and Irene Forte from Rocco Forte Hotels, talks about mind games and digital wellness to Hotel Management International for their Winter 2020 issue.

Read the full article: HMI Winter 2020..

In the photo: article in the Hotel Management International issue of Winter 2020.
sauna and covid


Our first spa project in Romania

A fresh idea and new joys in Romania: this is what our joint spa project with the architect Edgar Neniškis' team feels like. In our vision, this ambitious Wellness Home turns into a wellness and leisure home for families, couples and solo travelers. We are already working on a package of wellness services, which of course will be completely different from anything you have ever tried before! We believe that this new spa has every opportunity to become one of the most innovative of its kind in Romania.

In the photo: External visualization of the Wellness Home project in Bucharest. Prepared by arches.

sauna and covid


Enjoy the tranquility of little known region

Slowly balanced relaxation in a historical environment, gourmet experiences, a spa that blends into nature on the lake shore: this is what one of the latest E77 projects is all about. A modern hotel, a brewery, and a relaxing spa with saunas and a swimming pool, a manor full of local history, a sandy beach and a terrace overlooking the lake for pleasant doing-nothing time. Is Zarasai region bound to become the next spa-destination in Lithuania?.

In the photo: Alfonsas Kievišas (Owner of Vasaknos Manor), Eglė Rukšėnaitė (Founder of E77) & Gintaras Čepurna (Architect of Vasaknos Manor SPA).

double room at ese


The first self-service hotel in Lithuania

Perceptions of what constitutes a spa hotel have shifted over the past five years. Wellness has found its way to our everyday-life routines, and the biggest future and present users of wellness services are the millennials. The new self-service hotel Esė – our beloved project driven by the E77 team – is the very first spa hotel designed for millennials in Northern Europe, and it will offer high quality spa services at the right price point. Outside of the spa itself, there will be great conditions for remote working, a functioning bar in the evening and amenities for families with young children.
The Lithuanian word Esé, or essay in English, is a personal story, own reflections. Spa Hotel Esé is an ongoing creation of a story – an opportunity to create, compose, and share. It will definitely serve as a point of art – no boring plain walls here!
sauna and coronavirus


Taking care of own health post-Covid

According to the E77 team and spa market experts, boosting the immune system, taking good care of own health will become a necessity in the post-coronavirus pandemic era.

"When we get to the end of the pandemic, when the economy recovers at least in part, people will realize even more than ever how important it is to take care of their health on a daily basis. Today, it is especially obvious that only a strong immune system can help you survive, and live a quality life. Health prevention, boosting the immune system will become one of the priority areas,” says E77 strategist and spa market expert Eglė Rukšėnaitė.

The importance of strengthening our resistance to infections is also emphasized by global wellness professionals. For example, Integrative Medicine Expert, Professor Marc Cohen says: “There is evolutionary evidence that all mammals use heat, in the form of fever, to trigger the immune system to produce white blood cells and antigens to fight viral and bacterial infections. Humans have also been using heat – such as saunas – for prevention and cure, throughout history. A visit to sauna can help alleviate psychological symptoms when coping with coronavirus. I actually think there's a huge scope for including saunas, steamrooms and hot bathing into hospitals, care-homes and public facilities. I really think that when we come out of this, the health system could really be much more integrated with conventional medicine and wellness practices.

European Health Prevention 2019


Combining centuries-old and modern

We shared our insight about Lithuania's wellness market in a current issue of SPA Business Handbook 2019: read the full article about how Lithuania's wellness resorts are undergoing modernisation and opening up their little-known traditions to the world, find out what is a vertical bath and what investments into spa hotels & wellness destinations are expected in the next 2 years.

SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK is a yearly global resource for spa operators and suppliers, architects, designers, consultants that focuses on future wellness trends, industry insights and other important wellness news.

Full handbook online (see page 80 for E77's report about Lithuania): spahandbook.com/2019

In the photo: Page 80 from the SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2019
European Health Prevention 2019


European Health prevention 2019!

Mid-November highlights: a fruitful meeting with health and spa professionals from over 20 countries at an international conference European Health Prevention 2019 in Germany. We say special thanks to ESPA and Council of Wiesbaden for providing professional content. We also had an interesting chat with representatives from China, who take much interest in and learn from European spas and medical centers. They are actively developing their own new wellness and spa centers for health prevention, recreation and rehabilitation. These centers are based on natural resources - thermal and mineral water, curative mud, and other. What has been known to the Old Continent for hundreds of years, is still a new experience in China.

In the photo (from right to left): Eglė Rukšėnaitė, Founder of E77 with Cindy Zhang, International Dept Director of the China Hot Spring Tourism Association, and Anton Han, Managing Director of SPA Operators Cobase SPA.
E77 ir InnovaSPA


From Lapland to Jerusalem

Why selling strategies differ in Israel and Poland? What do Scandinavians need, and how their needs differ from the Germans'? What business language is spoken in Russia? Should you sell directly or hire a professional broker instead?

On 11th October, during an Export Forum, we had a great discussion among wellness & medical professionals about the diplomacy in exporting services, unforeseen obstacles, and other issues you will not find in a handbook.

In the photo (from left to right) Paulius Ausmanas (Announcer & Export Manager of Kika Group), Eglė Rukšėnaitė (Founder of E77), Andrius Jonutis (Deputy Director of Healthcare Centre „Asmens sveikatos klinika“), Edgaras Briedys (Director of Business Development at the Medical SPA „Eglės Sanatorija“), Evalda Šiškauskienė (President of Lithuanian Hotels and Restaurants Association).
E77 ir InnovaSPA


Approach to Balneology and Resortology

September ends with a very fruitful visit to Portugal to gain some insights about their know-how in resortology field. Portugal surprised us in a very positive way by its professional approach and intense practical application of balneotherapy to enhance public health.

During our visit to Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, we learned many interesting things about Balneotherapy in Portugal, and why inhalation procedures are so popular there. Moreover, the University conducts many scientific researh in the field of Balneology!

In the photo: Eglė Rukšėnaitė, Founder of E77, with proffesors from Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto: António Albino-Teixeira, Altamiro Manuel Rodrigues da Costa Pereira and others.


Recent publications about our work in professional media

A Luxury Sleep Wellness SPA in Druskininkai, a Millennials SPA Hotel in Birštonas, InnovaSPA Project – the year hasn't even ended yet, but number articles and media reports on projects under our supervision is increasing each month.

We are noticing an increasing interest in Lithuanian SPA projects in the foreign media, as we are increasingly receiving requests for information from our foreign colleagues. Feels good to be a part of that!

In the photos: various publications in foreign and Lithuanian press about E77 projects.

E77 and InnovaSPA


For a healthier society

The E77 company is involved in a project that helps develop innovative health solutions for thermal spa regions in Europe. The project currently covers 8 European countries: France, Portugal, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland..

The main objective of the project is to improve policies aiming at supporting knowledge transfer and strengthening opportunities for open innovation between the partners in the field of preventative health and thermalism, SPAs. It is aimed to address the societal challenge of ageing society and to demonstrate that thermalism & SPA could be, by introducing innovative cures and care solutions, a sector having a huge potential in making healthcare more efficient.

Dates: 19-21 July 2019

In the photo: InnovaSPA meeting in Lithuania.

E77 represents Lithuania at InnovaSPAproject


International Conference InnovaSPA in France

E77 has been busy all week at International #InnovaSPAproject together with partners from 7 other countries (FR, HU, LV, PL, RO, PT, SI), learning about benefits of thermal water as well as innovative cures and care solutions. Main issues addressed were the challenge of ageing society and how thermalism could be, by introducing innovative cures and care solutions, a sector having a huge potential in making healthcare more efficient.

Location: Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France.

Dates: 25–29 March 2019

In the photo: Participants of the international InnovaSPA Project.

E77 visit to Vichy spa town


Huge potential for Lithuanian SPAs

In the spring of 2019, we visited one of the oldest and most famous thermal resorts in the world - Vichy. Over the centuries this gorgeous resort has preserved its splendor and eclectic yet refined architecture. We studied the town‘s historic spa sites and infrastructure, its temple of tranquility and relaxation - Vichy Thermal Spa as well as other well-known spas.

Following this fruitful visit, we agreed that Lithuanian spa resorts have great potential to become known worldwide. We compared the quality of services, innovative solutions, use of natural resources, ecology, various indicators and we feel that Lithuania is well keeping up with the best spa towns.

In the photo: Meeting with Vichy town Maoyr Frédéric Aguilera; Vichy town views.

E77 susitikimas


E77 Project topped wellness news headlines

Details about the new 5 * Sleep Wellness SPA project in Druskininkai (Lithuania) were covered by various media sites throughout February 2019. SPA BUSINESS magazine also published an article citing Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77, in their February paper issue. The article covers some details on the new Amberton Green SPA 5*, which is due to be opened in Autumn this year.

We at E77 are proud that Lithuanian SPAs are highly valued and attract attention of global professional media.

More about the new project in Druskininkai: bit.ly/2DQKlyn and bit.ly/2BjPqxv .

In the photo: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77 talks about the new Sleep Wellness SPA for SPA BUSINESS February 2019 issue

E77 susitikimas


Health prevention for a healthier society

Italy | As Global Wellness Summit uniting wellness professionals from all over the world kicked off in early October this year, Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77, had an official meeting with Dr Layla Almarzouqi, Director of Medical Tourism Council at UAE Dubai Health Authority.

At present, all the most luxurious and exclusive wellness and beauty brands could be found in UAE, such as Four Seasons, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, and many more. Nevertheless, there is arising need within the country to educate the society to choose a healthier lifestyle. Those residents of the UAE and the surrounding countries, who already understand the importance of preventive health care, currently travel to European medical and wellness centres and medical destination spas, as inside the country such services are not on offer.

Dr Layla Almarzouqi agreed with Egle Ruksenaite‘s insights that a preventive healthcare system should be developed inside the country. Rehabilitation and wellness centres, medical destination spas could provide health education and raise awareness about importance of preventive healthcare; and emergence of such centres should be supported by the UAE Dubai Health Authority.

In the photo: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77 with Dr Layla Almarzouqi | October 2018


Quality seaweed skincare products are now available in the Baltic States

In Ireland, four generations of the Walton family have been hand picking seaweeds by the wild Atlantic coast. The family owns and operates a traditional seaweed bath house, where people bath in seaweed/sea water for its therapeutic properties, as well as a leading luxury spa and skincare brand VOYA.

All VOYA products contain sustainably hand harvested organic seaweed, which has a pronounced moisturising effect on the skin, it softens the hands and body. Seaweeds contain Algal polyphenols & Carotenoids which have been proven to be powerful antioxidants.

VOYA works with some of the top spas, hotels, resorts and department stores around the world including Mandarin Oriental, Six Senses, Four Seasons, The Chateau and many more. VOYA products were presented in the White House to the President of United States of America as a gift from Ireland by Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

We, the E77 team, are proud to be official distributors of this exclusive brand in the Baltic States. To speak to a member of the E77 team about using VOYA skincare products at your spa or hotel in the Baltic States, please contact the E77 team.


Official opening took place on May 18th

On May 18th, the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania, the Japanese company @aroma and their ambassadors in the Baltic countries, the company E77, were pleased to host an event "Aroma Space Design, an olfactory journey".

During the event, we had a chance to immerse in the delights of 100 % pure natural Japanese aroma oils, an olfactory experience well rooted in the centuries-old Japanese tradition of scenting public and private spaces.

@aroma team are specialists in scent creation for use in interior environments and brand communication projects and they offered a contemporary view on Aroma Space Design with leading technology.

Our special thank-you goes to the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mr. Toyoei Shigeeda for their warm welcome, interesting stories and delicious Japanese snacks.

The E77 Company is an official @aroma distributor in Lithuania & the Baltic States. You can view the range of @aroma products at www.at-aroma.net.


International certificates for medical spas and wellness hotels

This year the E77 Company starts cooperation with European Spas Association ESPA, an umbrella industry association aiming to promote spas and balneology in Europe and to take care that the natural remedies based on mineral water, landscape and climate would be available to as great a number of citizens and visitors as possible. ESPA members (SPA hotels, health centres) benefit from the following services:
    • Certification of health resorts and spa facilities (EuropeSpa)
    • Development of health resorts and spas together with experts
    • Consultation on legislation and regulation in the member states
    • Contacts with members and operators in Europe and worldwide
    • Support for research and the provision of information

The EuropeSpa certification has a high reputation all over Europe. It provides an international platform bringing spa facilities to the attention of tourists, tour operators and health insurance companies all over Europe via the EuropeSpa directory, which lists all the EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness certified spas.


Creating a legend

A brand new project in the sun: the e77 has started developing yet another amazing spot in Spain. Currently together with our Spanish colleagues we are developing a unique MediSPA in Marbella Resort. At present we are in the 1st construction stage, but more information will follow in the future.

In the photos (left to right): 1st: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of e77 with a Spanish architect Cesar de Leyva, who creates legends. 2nd: Construction of Medical SPA in Marbella has commenced.

Dr Blum clinic


Via... Japan

The e77 brings something truly unique and professional from Japan to the Baltic states and Nordic countries. But psst! It‘s a secret yet, so stay tuned.

In the photo: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of e77 with the representatives from Japan in Berlin | November 2017


Great place for bright ideas

During her business trips in Dubai in September 2017, the Founder of e77 visited numerous fabulous hotels and SPAs, as well as the new one - Nikki Beach Resort & SPA Dubai, an exquisite high-end resort featuring awe-inspiring design solutions as well as stunning panoramic views. There was a chance to talk and share professional insights with Roberta Lindow, Director of Nikki SPA.

In the photo: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of e77 with Roberta Lindow, Director of Nikki Beach Resort & SPA Dubai.


18 - 20 September 2017 | Dubai World Trade Centre

Following the e77 business trip to the International Hotel Show in Dubai, we say that one trend is as clear as day: forget those hotel rating stars! This rating system is losing its weight and value, in part due to the fact that no one can agree what exactly the stars represent. Star rating systems can vary from region to region, country to country, or even within countries. There was time when a four-star rating was the marker of luxury. Then it was five stars, then six, seven... Now, the global hospitality market is taking a different turn.

In the first photo: During my first day at the Hotel Show in Dubai I discovered that Lithuanian hospitality sector should learn not to be afraid to hire employees from the other countries. It works!

Dubai World Trade Centre


Stay ahead of the curve

As ageing is becoming a global problem of the 21st century, more people have no choice but turn to alternative, preventative health approaches. According to Global Wellness Institute, wellness, from yoga/meditation to exercise, will become an even more sought-after antidote for an increasingly over-connected, chaotic world.
Hotel trends