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From Lapland to Jerusalem


Why selling strategies differ in Israel and Poland? What do Scandinavians need, and how their needs differ from the Germans'? What business language is spoken in Russia? Should you sell directly or hire a professional broker instead?

On 11th October, during an Export Forum, we had a great discussion among wellness & medical professionals about the diplomacy in exporting services, unforeseen obstacles, and other issues you will not find in a handbook.


In the photo (from left to right) Paulius Ausmanas (Announcer & Export Manager of Kika Group), Eglė Rukšėnaitė (Founder of E77), Andrius Jonutis (Deputy Director of Healthcare Centre „Asmens sveikatos klinika“), Edgaras Briedys (Director of Business Development at the Medical SPA „Eglės Sanatorija“), Evalda Šiškauskienė (President of Lithuanian Hotels and Restaurants Association).



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