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Taking care of own health post-Covid


According to the E77 team and spa market experts, boosting the immune system, taking good care of own health will become a necessity in the post-coronavirus pandemic era.

"When we get to the end of the pandemic, when the economy recovers at least in part, people will realize even more than ever how important it is to take care of their health on a daily basis. Today, it is especially obvious that only a strong immune system can help you survive, and live a quality life. Health prevention, boosting the immune system will become one of the priority areas,” says E77 strategist and spa market expert Eglė Rukšėnaitė.

The importance of strengthening our resistance to infections is also emphasized by global wellness professionals. For example, Integrative Medicine Expert, Professor Marc Cohen says: “There is evolutionary evidence that all mammals use heat, in the form of fever, to trigger the immune system to produce white blood cells and antigens to fight viral and bacterial infections. Humans have also been using heat – such as saunas – for prevention and cure, throughout history. A visit to sauna can help alleviate psychological symptoms when coping with coronavirus. I actually think there's a huge scope for including saunas, steamrooms and hot bathing into hospitals, care-homes and public facilities. I really think that when we come out of this, the health system could really be much more integrated with conventional medicine and wellness practices.




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