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Health prevention for a healthier society


Italy | As Global Wellness Summit uniting wellness professionals from all over the world kicked off in early October this year, Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77, had an official meeting with Dr Layla Almarzouqi, Director of Medical Tourism Council at UAE Dubai Health Authority.

At present, all the most luxurious and exclusive wellness and beauty brands could be found in UAE, such as Four Seasons, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, and many more. Nevertheless, there is arising need within the country to educate the society to choose a healthier lifestyle. Those residents of the UAE and the surrounding countries, who already understand the importance of preventive health care, currently travel to European medical and wellness centres and medical destination spas, as inside the country such services are not on offer.

Dr Layla Almarzouqi agreed with Egle Ruksenaite‘s insights that a preventive healthcare system should be developed inside the country. Rehabilitation and wellness centres, medical destination spas could provide health education and raise awareness about importance of preventive healthcare; and emergence of such centres should be supported by the UAE Dubai Health Authority.


In the photo: Egle Ruksenaite, Founder of E77 with Dr Layla Almarzouqi | October 2018
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